Week 14- Movie time

Fun assignment this week on our break week.  I have been really busy with the holidays yet I have not let the time off derail me.  Doing my best keeping up with readings, sits and blogs.  I am very proud of myself that I have done it.  Nighttime reads are the hardest  during this last week, but I am doing them. That gal in the glass is smiling back.

So I have only squeezed in one movie this week.  I have seen many of them in the past.  I watched Cool Running.   I admit I have seen this many years ago, yet it had a whole different meaning this time. While watching and looking more deeply many things came up that were amazing.

There DMP was pretty evident 4 men from an island country competing for a winter sport in the Olympics.  Through their journey many things happen.  Love the Mirror scene.  Reminds me of the gal in the glass and our 50 minutes in front of the mirror.  Extremely powerful for one of the guys later in the movie. I will not spoil it. I also love  when Derice uses pictures to image the track, looking and feeling it with his body. Reminds me of all our shapes around our house, touching and feeling the shape. Love it.

A Quote I loved but I am not sure I got it down completely. A gold medal is wonderful thing but if you are not enough without it, you are not enough with it.  I clearly says to me we have to be enough even if we don’t have something.  Having that gold medal is wonderful but it will not make us happy if you are not enough to ourselves.

This is a definite watch.  Wonderfully funny. The kids will love it.

Excited about 2016. No resolutions this year. I am evolving into my future me.  A work in progress.  I cannot wait for next year and come back to read these blogs to see how far I have come.

Love to all my MKMMA family.  May 2016 bring a new you.


Bring on 2016!!!!!!



7 thoughts on “Week 14- Movie time

  1. Carole, Please don’t wait for next year. Your are already enough to have your gold metal. Look at the busy time now and you are still doing it. I am Grateful for the change I can see just from reading your posts. So many of us are achieving small skills and are missing all that is being accomplished by us all and in so many different ways. Your right about being excited for this 2016. It is going to be the BEST ever for us all. We are connected and In Harmony with the Creator. What more could we possibly ask for.

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  2. Yes Carole, I too am looking forward to going back and reading what I wrote sometime in the future. I also got the part about not being enough with or without a gold medal, glad I’m finally starting to get that straight!
    Happy New Year to you

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  3. Excellent Carol I have watched this movie many times (an old favourite) and can see it as you describe it. great insights, thankyou & some great messages in that movie. I cry in this movie every time! strikes a chord! 🙂

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