Week 16- Kindness

I have to say I have been loving all the cards we are making and flashing.  It reminds me that there is so much good out in the world, yet we all focus on the bad.  All that programming and habits we acquire as we grow up, we start to forget how to live happily.

I have be doing my best with all the tasks required for our class. I do 95% of them everyday. So of the POA I am still lax on.  I will get there.  I don’t bet myself up because its taken a long time to put the cement on, be a little patient with myself if all are not done.

So kindness is what we are looking at this week.  How much fun is this?  I feel like I am smiling all the time. Our MKMMA is knocking this out of the part.  Mark should be eating soon at the rate we are going.  I love reading and commenting on them.  I add several myself everyday.

Last night when I was watching TV, I even more aware of kindness in shows and movies. I love that this class has made me more aware of the world we live in.  I love seeing the shift in the environment in my home too. Giving examples to my kids and reinforcing them to be grateful for what they have.

So I will end this blog with a line from one of my favorite movies “Cinderella” the live version of 2015. Cinderella’s mother on her death bed told her daughter  to remember to “Have courage and be kind.” Good sound advice.

So have a wonderful week of kindness. Love to all.

14 thoughts on “Week 16- Kindness

  1. Carole, Flashing the cards and looking at so much, and you hit the nail right on the head. We tend to focus on the bad. I’ve had to double my efforts not to do that and have got there only because I’ve started counting the Good, the Bad and The Ugly. Hey wasn’t that a Clint eastwood spaghetti western movie??? Ha Ha. When I get to 100 good, I have to struggle for 1 bad thing. I can’t go Ugly because that’s an Opinion base on my EGO, so Ugly gets 0, Bad has gotten to 1 but the good always wins handly. OH my way of counting I woke up = 1, I’m breathing =1 the sun is still there =1 my Wife, my Kids, the cat, grandkids (you get the point) OK, and so my days go with good always winning. I did love the Cinderella 2 clip SWEET

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  2. Aloha Carole, Great blog!!! I appreciated your comment on our being brought up with negative news. I actually found myself about to open the fridge door yesterday and found myself thinking, “What if we had a positive news only newspaper?!!” I loved your addition of the film clip of Cinderella. When it finished playing, I saw other quotes from Cinderella – and one was part of a poem (Let the birds sing, dilly dilly, And the lambs play. We will be safe, dilly dilly, out of harm’s way). That reminded me that a musical friend of mine had once written me 6 songs based on nursery rhymes – and the very first one was the one I’ve just quoted. He actually wrote quite a lot of music for me – so you’ve got me counting my blessings! So, I’m sending lots of blessings to you, Carole, and thinking how lucky your children are to have you for their mother. Hugs wendyht

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  3. Nice one Master Carole! Kindness IS everywhere… And thanks to the MKMMA we are all being bought to the attention of the good that is out there and with the cards we are reinforcing it over and over… Awesome stuff!!

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