Week 17-Permission

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I loved last week’s Kindness.  How much fun was it to see how kind the world truly is if we just really open our eyes.  The masterminding was incredible in the alliances.  It blows my mind what a group of like minded people can do.  Hopefully everyone continues to add kindnesses into the alliance. Love to see what we can do by the end of this class.

Not much in the way of progress this week.  I guess that is good in a way.  Continue to dig deep into the assignments.

Having a little difficulty with my DMP.  I have not been feeling part of it lately. I haven’t reached out to my guide. I didn’t get much feed back the last time I tried.  So working on it myself and a friend is helping me try to focus on the problem.  Will use the sits to look for clarity.

MK 17 is not sinking in as fast as I would like but distracted a bit mentally with some health issue.

So I am giving myself permission to give myself a break.  Doing the work the meaning will come.  Loving the giving of permission to ourselves.  When I thinking about it sometimes brings tears to my eyes that I am allowed to have courage and abundance in my life.  I am natures greatest miracle.

Will continue to work hard this week.  Love this class.  I cannot say that enough.

Until next week.

Hugs to all.


21 thoughts on “Week 17-Permission

  1. Carole, We changed the world last week with the Kindness focus. You were part of that. Nothing has changed. We are accomplishing much every day even if you don’t feel that you are. I hear what you are saying,, but see much more in the powerful words you started the post with. To take a break is something you can give yourself permission to do. How wonderful is that. Keep your Spirit in the lessons and we all will do fine. WE are in this together. If you talk about feeling something. I worked last saturday 18 hours than 10 on sunday then 15 on monday. I didn’t miss a single exercise. I listened to the recordings I made and the Strangest Secret and on and on. Yesterday I was granted a goal that I’ve never written down, only spoke to my Wife from a point of anger about Cancer system in the US. Seeds that you plant will grow in your mind and become attracted to you.. We know that. Know this that everyone here cares that you do not just do good, we know that Extraordinary is more like YOU.
    Sorry for the RANT
    I do care about you and everyone in this class

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  2. I had the same experience with my guide, they seem to have left the program. However, I think that this evolution in our DMP’s is probably really a good thing, what if it means that we are really (in my case FINALLY) getting to know ourselves? What if all this stuff, reading, work etc. really does bring us into the future we would have liked to be dreaming of? How cool will that be!!!!

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  3. Brava for giving yourself permission to simply do the work this week – that the understanding will come. In my work, we’re always mindful of our words – so working “hard” means working “hard.” How would working “diligently” or “conscientiously” be? Less “hard?” More able to have “fun?” I LOVE reading your blogs…I think it’s because you’re so honest and open…which I greatly appreciate. Wishing you LOTS of KIND permission in all areas of your life this week 😉 Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht

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    1. Wendy, I just love the word shift to “empower” my friend here Carole. Yet I am glad I actually read what you said. “we’re always mindful of our words” – I’m not always – but I am to be more now.

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  4. Yes it is interesting the process we all are going through.. and yeah I’m with you, it will be fun to see how everything has changed in 2 month time..
    I love that you are using the permission ‘card’ to say that everything is okay and everything will fall into place in time.. relax and enjoy the journey.. some weeks we take big steps and then suddenly the old blueprint resurface and we feel that we stand still or go 2 steps back..
    Just continue as you do..

    Regarding your guide, I have the same problem.. no contact for a long time.. 😦

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  5. Hey Master Carole! I too have had the same thing with my guide and I realised only last week that from the beginning mark has wanted for us to grow in ourselves and become self directed thinkers… So I embraced that and appreciate the space to become that… Even though I have thrown a few tantrums along the way . Just hang in there and trust in the unseen. What keeps getting me through when I feel like crap is … When I listen to Trish, I hear something In Her voice that has been where we have been and now look at her. As she keeps saying .. These simple little exercises are the key. So have faith:-) you can do it!! Bye bye old blueprint!!

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  6. My dear Carole! and you are so kind and loving and gentle to me when I have my moments, and here you are being tough on yourself. My, my, you are such a wonderful spirit, my friend. I saw it the first day I saw your picture, when it made me smile like I’d just heard a baby’s laugh. Do be kind to yourself, my friend. You are have — and are — a special gift; that gift that lift’s people’s spirits just because they see your smile. When you get a minute, go to your mirror and smile at you 🙂 You’ll giggle and feel spectacular right away. BIG old hugs 🙂 and thank you for all the kind words you’ve shared with me over these past 17 weeks. Do give yourself a break. MK17 — when you’re relaxed — will put another sweet smile on your face. Take care and enjoy your respite ;-).

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