Week 17A- Re living the past

What a wonderful week we are embarking on.  The webinar this week was wonderful.  Finally seeing things falling into place.  I have been pretty good at keeping up with our assignments.  My favorite is blogging.  I know some do not feel like doing it but I really get a lot out of writing and reading others blogs.  What wonderful people we have in this group. So much to share and learn from each other.

I was watching a video blog from my friend Don Grantham.  If you haven’t seen them please check his blogs out.  Wonderful stuff and he will make you smile too. Anyway he said we have been doing this for FOUR MONTHS.   WOW!!!!! I didn’t even realize it.  I was not paying attention as to how much time has past.  It feels like yesterday we just started.

So we are reliving or should I say relearning some of the MK lessons this week.  I actually thought about going backwards and re-reading so this week is giving just that.

Today lesson 9.  I love the sit in this one.  I could actually do this on and get it.  Sits are still a struggle for me. My mind is always wondering to things I need to do or should do.  I have some days the sit goes so fast that I can’t believe its over.  The best sit are in my car at lunch time. Nobody to bother me.  It’s wonderful.  Unfortunately winter finally decided it wanted to come to NJ so there are days it’s just too cold for that.

Progress is slow but I’m moving forward.  I know there is a great breakthrough coming since the same obstacles keep showing up.  I take that to my sits sometime too.  I know I apparently have not learnt what I needed for them to go away. UGH!!!!

Love our new card, What am I pretending not to know? Hmm…. Not really sure how to answer this one.  Maybe by weeks end I will have something.

Busy week, heading to see the college my daughter is going to next year in Florida.  Oh darn some place warm and sunny.  I guess I will have to suffer through it.  HeHe!!!! Hope the weather on the east coast is calmer this week and if it has a need to snow, please let me be stranded in Tampa.

Have a wonderful week my friends. May kindness and love be with you everyday.



9 thoughts on “Week 17A- Re living the past

  1. Good for you Carole. Tampa is nice but I do like that the snow might decrease the number of ticks and such.
    Yes, great one we had on Sunday and I cried when Davene spoke and learned a valuble lesson from her and of my past.


    Life Altering Changes Emerging (LACE)
    Just made that up.

    Take care and Congratulations to your daughter.

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  2. Carole, I Loved your post and most of all, you are thinking and DOING it. It’s OK to feel you need something else. The single fact you are working , struggling, and moving makes you a winner and a champion. This journey is not easy by any measure, only because we are leading a life at the same time. That is fun when I look at it. I was off work all day ( Snow in the DC Metro area) and got caught up on a lot of things and took my little one and her 2 children to the store. When I got back, not sure why I looked up Virtues on GOOGLE. Yikes. MKMMA is being super sweet with us. Did you know there is 120 Virtues + the 2 main ones in the Bible that I Love. My point is when you search out a way to do even more than asked, You will experience LIFE to the fullest. BTW I’m going to follow the list out to July 2018. Check it out in the alliances under Virtues. Hint: Give more Get more.
    The Sit is different for all of us. Expect the silence and embrace it. Soon you will master it. I’ve been lucky I can do it driving, working, Talking to others, and I love walking down the street EYES Open for the sit. Some call it Mindfulness. I don’t like the name. I still do the required SIT.
    When you are in Florida, stand on the beach, eyes open, walk a little and follow the same instructions for the Sit. It will feel strange, master it, and you will begin to enjoy the course more with much less struggles.

    I still have life’s daily things, but am in view of the ultimate goal of going back to being who I really am. So to can you. Believe in yourself, We see you for the powerful person you are. Focus on that, Only.

    Sorry for the Rant, but I did get the day off and have so much energy…………………….

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  3. Hey Master Carole! Tampa sounds like the place to be… I meditate in the car in the morning – 5am – parked in the car across from work… a couple times I’ve come across some instances where I’ve had to move the car… and also I felt a little embarrassed at first when the shop owner saw me… LOL.. looked like I was doing myself in! ha ha ha ha… crack up..! As for the sit… what I am realising that I shared with another blogger (and his response helped me see things a different way) is that … what I sit on…. never seems to be dealt with or “realised” in the sit… it happens later on… the sit is a place to plant seeds… and then… they germinate! sometime later on:-) but they will germinate:-) As for the pretending not to know… I really like how mark says…. “are you pretending not to know that the dirty dishes are there to clean up” or something like that… but what I get from that is that it’s the smallest things that we are pretending not to see. Totally blows me away.. Cause there are lots of things that I pretend not to see… Hope you have a wonderful week Master Carole!!

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  4. I love it, “Please let me be stranded in Tampa”…I wonder exactly who is in charge of answering that prayer? Does the Tampa Chamber of Commerce have a special deal with God….maybe…we’ll find out if we ever hear from you again Carole Enjoy!

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  5. I always enjoy reading your blog, Carole. Your sincerity shines, and I can relate with your struggles and triumphs. Slow and steady wins the race; we persist and we win! Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your Florida sunshine 🙂

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