Week 18-Is it a break week or Giddy-up

Wow!!! what a week it has been. Snow started last week and I ended in warm sunny Florida.  It kind of reminds me of my journey here with this MKMMA class.

September 2015, I got on a phone call with a friend talking business and he told me about this class.  It was like a prayer was answered.  Diving in with both feet scared to death after the first week, thinking what did I just get into.  As the weeks progressed amazing things began to happen and obstacles (YEAH).  So here we are at week 18 and four months into this amazing journey, happier, more confidence, minimal fears(still working on that one), looks like my past week. Walking in a world of blinded by a blizzard of life and ending with warm and tranquil breezes and peace. Mark and Davene got it right to get out the cold weather. Reading under a palm tree is so much nicer.

This weekend we took a mini vacation to a college in Florida with my daughter.  She has decided to go their but the had a “scholars weekend” so she could spend time on campus as if she was a student.  She had a wonderful time and met several girls.  One as soon as she arrived, it was like they were two sister separated a birth. Likes, dislikes, it was crazy.  We met her mom who had traveled with her from California.  We connected quickly also. After the weekend my daughter said I’m am 110% in and I knew that was going to happen.  I fell in love with the school as well. This brings me to my DMP knowing she will be exactly 1,076 miles away from me makes me more determined then ever to see it through. I have had the amazing pleasure to not only have a daughter, but a best friend too.  She has taught me so much and is becoming an incredible young woman. She is watching me taking this class and applying it to her life as well. Thank goodness for this class, she is learning much sooner to follow her bliss.

So it’s the beginning of the month so we change to the next Scroll.  Some how I look forward to the change but miss the old one. So this morning I read Scroll V for the first time. Loving the questions. As we know birth and death come to us all. What we do in the middle is what counts, yet we all forget that.  We go living day to day and only when something bad happens do we reflect. This Scroll is certainly going to lay an impact on me.

This week is it a break or a giddy up one?  It’s a giddy up week for me.  Missing some readings while away but doing my best to get most of it in.  This week’s webinar reminded me that I haven’t been able to get all 5 in everyday.  The sits are the hardest.  My mind is always wandering. So I guess I avoid them thinking I am going to think of the wrong things, when I am actually thinking of the wrong things not in the sit.  So my determination this week is to get all 5 in EVERYDAY.

Thank you to all that follow me and encouraging me with your wonderful comments.  I am so grateful for each and everyone of you.

Suffering and Happiness. Daisaku Ikeda quote.:





17 thoughts on “Week 18-Is it a break week or Giddy-up

  1. Carole, Precious and painful. I’ve been through exactly the letting go of a child that makes you proud. My son went off to another state, and I felt abandoned yet happy for him. I listen to your words like we were down there with the family on a patch of grass in the park. Hanging out as my kids say now. I just love the way you are progressing and coming into you Power & becoming exactly the person you intend to be and actually already are.

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  2. Nice post Carole, Your loving attention to your Daughter’s needs remind me, how much I miss mine everyday. Your an Awesome Mom!
    It’s a giddy up week for me too, yet now I do this with a great big smile on my face
    Much Aloha🌺💕

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  3. Another great blog carole, children grow up so quickly, I recently travelled 1645 Miles to holiday with our children. i believe MKMMA has come at the right time for me to help me spend more time with my family.I agree the sits are the toughest to keep regular. I am a bit behind & need to Giddy up! 🙂

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