WEEK 20-Growth in action

So hear we are at week 20.  Loved the webinar this week.  I always miss them but I guess I better get  use to that in a few weeks.  The new dash card as I call it, is powerful.  I have always had a problem with death as most do I would assume.  I know that it is part of life but I usually don’t think as much about as we are in the present with Scroll V, the assignments and now the card. Sitting back and thinking why do I feel so strange when when I see that word.  Association of death is in most a bad thing, something we are losing.  It can be a good thing too, like extra pounds, bad habit.  So again we are re training the subby to think differently.

This past week I have had a hard time keeping up to my promises. I recently emailed a friend for advise on an idea and did not get the response I had hoped for.  I thought they were a little more open but I was wrong which hurt.  So looking for others and avenues to find what I was seeking I came across a conference that is totally free and videos that were done so that you can do them on your time.  The catch is 5  are only available for 24 hrs.  So some of my focus has been the last couple of days on this.  FINALLY!!!! Someone who gets what I was feeling and thinking.  OF course it is part of my DMP, so this is exciting to me and fell into my lap suddenly.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised ( Law Of Growth).This week I am growing in ways I want.  Sits are still hard but working on it. When I master them, the growth will be crazy.

MK chapter 20 is slowly sinking in.  I missed a day, so I will hopefully get it by weeks end. The power is within to do it.

So today finds me grateful for the new information, the answer that upset me made me search more and opened my mind to be willing to receive. My old me would have just stayed mad and given up and defeated.  My new me is shining through.


Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.



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14 thoughts on “WEEK 20-Growth in action

  1. Aloha Carol, I loved your blog – such a great thought process going on there 🙂 So glad your week turned out well! Mahalo, too, for the inspirational quote at the end of your blog – I’m including it in my “inspirational quotations” stack of cards ;-))) Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht

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  2. Carole, Love the way you powered through the Thing. Then you observed it as the new you and as you would have handled it before. Congratulations on the use of perception to it’s fullest. Most of the defeats we give it to ourselves. You stopped it. GO GIRL, Keep this up and they will be fitting you for the super hero cape you need when flying from place to place.

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  3. hey that’s cool! good on you for using the – fear, unworthiness, guilt, anger, hurt feelings- exercise to find the positive and strength to propel you into the direction that you were wanting to go… Go Go go Carol! towards your DMP! Awesome!

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