Week 22- Silence is golden

So we enter into week 22 and also a break week.  Still can’t believe this has gone by so quickly.   I loved the webinar this week, telling us that all those feelings are comfort.  This class has really stretched my mind and the way I have been thinking.  It’s loads of work but so worth. As we went over the grist idea again and I realized maybe my sons are the grist stones. Smoothing out my thoughts, softening and more importantly letting go of control.

The rest of the webinar was silence and how we need to find our self.  We that was another brick wall to breakthrough.  Hitting a lot of those in this class, but instead of totally stressing over it, I start laughing. At first, I thought it would be a couple of hours but when they said several days.  I thought okay those guys lost their marbles. It took the rest of the webinar and masterminding to see where they were coming from. I am sure I was not alone in my thinking, ” How the @#$@@ am I going to do that.” 15 minute sits are still an issue for me. So today was my day off and I didn’t have the whole day to try this out but I did stay off electronics for several hours, no TV, no music.  I did do some cleaning but kept quiet. I know that is totally right, but it’s a start.

Glad for the change in Og. Scroll V was a struggle especially due to the incidents that occurred in February. I am very grateful for life more everyday. Trying to find the happiness in each minute. So Scroll VI is we are the masters of our emotions.  So I can now see where this extended silence is going to come into play.  MK 22 is more understandable to me then the last two. I will enjoy the deeper meaning as the week progresses.

Here’s to a great week.  Looking forward to reading others blogs and there progress of silence is golden.

Hugs to all,



12 thoughts on “Week 22- Silence is golden

  1. Amazing post.. and yeah I think you are not alone with theses !@%&!!#£ words inside, and the refusing of trusting them.. and most importantly ourselves..

    I think we should not beat us self up because we could not do a whole day in silence the first day.. hey we were not prepared for something like this.. so how could we.
    But I think that being aware and observing when we tend to turn on some media, and why? why do we talk, is it relevant or just for conversation.
    I know that the total silence will give us more.. but starting with observing and then do more and more in silence will give something as well..

    Enjoy – 🙂

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  2. Hey master carol! Silence IS golden when you can get there:-) that’ll be Sunday for me:-) I may even just pull out all the weeds and grass that’s as tall as me that has taken over the garden:-) but for now… I gotta talk to customers and reply to business messages.. We are all doing our best:-) and life gets better and better and better!! Have a silent week full of connections answers and inspirations!

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  3. Carole, Always a pleasure to spend some time with you. I laughed like the monkey in the Zoo about the Silence. much like you. Then I wound up taking friday night to sunday night at a retreat. Now I’m going to add to that by fasting up to the place – during and driving back. The silence is not what brought up the FEAR. It was I have never taken this kind of time for me in my Life. I have just Peace about the days in planing. I asked the Holy Spirit for Wisdom, Truth and My Gift. I will live the experience while I’m there and not yet.
    So when I read how you did your several hours. I got a little scared that maybe I bit the tiger in the butt on this one. Either way I’m glad you are DOING it and thinking and improving every time I get to come by and visit.


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  4. This is just the beginning of your adventure in life. Your mind has been stretched and it will never go back to the same as it was. Today is today and your future looks bright. Have a great week.

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  5. Carole, I agree the days of silence seems impossible. I am trying to figure out when I will do it because I WILL DO IT. I am thinking about driving to the beach for a weekend and checking into a hotel room. I do think the short time (hours) is just a start.

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  6. Aloha Carole, I wish you a great time in your days of silent meditation 🙂 I’ll get a short blog written this week-end. Great things happening – a major step on my way to bringing my DMP to fruition :-))
    Thinking good thoughts for you. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht

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  7. Maybe you can sense, Carol — that you’re WAY ahead of many others, including me in some areas with MKMMA – so BRAAAAAVO for you! Great blog post you did this week. For “MY list” of blog posters I’m scheduled to respond to, you should know that you’re one of only 2 who managed to get a Week 22 post UP and published so far — so I admire and respect your perseverance and strong discipline! 🙂

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  8. Great post Carole! I too was ready for MK22. With all that was happening in my space, it’s funny how the Scrolls are almost like perfect timing! IDK how it works that way, but I’m happy I’m here to experience it.
    Have anAmazing week🌺

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