Week-22a Needed break. 

Break week have been a busy one. It was a welcome blessing.  Long weekend of musical for my daughter.  Was so much fun watching her perform the last one of her high school career. The kids are so talented. Have spent the rest of the week caring for sick kids. Perfect week to re read 22. Really enjoyed re reading it a couple times. Reminds me of some other things I have read lately. The creation of dis-ease in our bodies is a direct link to our thoughts.  I remember hearing the phase,” we are what we eat” we can take it the next step and say, “we are what we think.” Hmm….

Loving Og this month. One line I love ” All nature is a circle of moods and I am apart of nature and so, like tides, my moods will rise; my moods will fall.”  I never thought of the connection in this way.  I have always felt a special connection with the environment, now I know why.

My sits are getting easier FINALLY. Maybe it’s the hours of silence I have been doing. Looking forward to scheduling my silence.

Looking forward to the webinar this Sunday. I’m going to miss them, but like a mother bird makes her young leave the nest, so should we.

Until next time.



15 thoughts on “Week-22a Needed break. 

  1. I like that line of Og’s as well…. in a way it gives me permission to be okay one day and not so okay the next… The ebb and flow… so connected are we.. pretty cool in a way because it really sinks in that we are … connected… Happy to hear your sits are getting easier.. Yay to silence!! Look forward to continuing reading your blogs after the course is over… lets continue the masterminding on line. Have a great weekend!

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  2. Carole, You are amazing it the way you are growing and still being The MOM. Sits are different, longer ones are Ridiculous in the effect. It’s like multiplying the sit for me as well as for others. You doing the Silence for Hours at a time is wonderful, but how happy I am that it’s going well. Your the best and we are ONE. I too hope to stay connected after the actual class ends. There is so much to sort out.
    Be Happy and stay Blessed


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  3. Thanks, Carole, for sharing about your week. It really is a wonderful experience to see our children grow and be ready to leave the nest and for us as well to be preparing to leave the our next here. I know I will miss our Sundays; however, I also know, through the silences over these last two weeks, that it will never leave us. It will forever be a part of our being. For that, I am thankful.

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