Week 23- Reflections

First Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone. This week is flying by. I do not have much to say this week (a first).

Let’s see, the hours of silence has been nice and it is definitely helping with my sits. I really feel like I have six people talking a once in this head of mine some days. All that multitasking I do I guess.   Loving the new cards, I read them out loud several times a day.  This week has been a little tough,especially the last couple of days. Old blueprint trying to sneak back, so the cards are definitely helping me quickly change.

I have been listening to Wattles and Emerson on YouTube.  Big help in understanding them.  I think I’m actually  getting it this time.

MK 23 has been great.  I can really relate to this one. Dealing with financial issues, it has  helped me change my thinking. Fear over the last couple of years has crippled my thinking and in doing so has created more debt than I would like to admit to.  I now go into my sits open to the universal mind to direct me in the right direction. Trying to think of abundance and being grateful for what I have.

So grateful everyday for this class and for the connection I have made with such wonderful people. I have been truly blessed.

Until next  week.





12 thoughts on “Week 23- Reflections

  1. Carole, From my POINT OF VIEW, just kidding. You are doing great. Look at how much thought went into the message. We are close to the beginning of a different path for our lives. Stay strong as you are and all is and will be fine. Remember YODA “do or don’t do – There is no TRY”
    Thank you for the Irish Blessing

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  2. Aloha Carole, I really enjoyed your blog. It’s great being open to the Universe, isn’t it? Mahalo for the beautiful Irish blessing – I’m going to type it into my iPad to use as inspiration :-)) Talk to you soon ;-))) Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht

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  3. Lovely Master Carole… It’s these little tiny moments of ‘getting it’ on some level that let us know that things really are changing on the inside even though they aren’t changing on the outside… It really is having blind faith in all the teachings and to just keep plodding along with enthusiasm…and some days forced enthusiasm as the old blueprint appears… I totally get it… I feel this week I have let go of the reigns a little bit regards my acute focus on money and I am now focusing on all the other friggin cool stuff that happens in my life.. The silences and sits are challenging when you’re trying to ‘work it all out’ in your head and it is so friggin foreign to turn your head off… but I just keep thinking of the success’s of all the kindred spirits out there and especially Trish when she talks of the silence and what she has got from it… Now I keep saying… Ok! If it all works for them and they are living their Dhama… then I’ll try it NO MATTER WHAT! Even though I can’t see outside myself it is working in the one area I want it to…finances… I will keep plodding along and turn my head in the direction it is working which is in meeting wonderful people in life… both here and in person… focus on the guy letting you in in traffic and the gift of a smile from a stranger… Anyways I’m ranting.. Big hugs for your dedication and persistence! You rock!

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