Week 27- At a stand still

This past week I must admit I have been at a stand still.  This is the first time where I had stopped reading for a whole day.  I don’t even know why.  My daughter was away on her senior trip.  WoW!!!! does my house feel so empty without her.  August she will leave for college and this is something I will have to get use to.  I want her to go and grow and experience life.  To make her way into the wonderful women I know she will be.

I have been sitting back observing and reflecting where I am and where I need to go in my life.  I kinda feel I am on a roller coaster at this point.  I was hoping I wouldn’t be here again so soon.  This is life right, trying to follow Laws of least effort.  I love reading them.  They really help center me during the day.

This week I intend to get back on track with reading and my sits. Focus on what I need to do for my DMP to come to life. I am so excited to read in other blogs how many friends are going for the guides.  I know all of you will make wonderful guides, showing 1,000’s how to improve their lives. I hope to do more next year myself.

Until next time.  Here’s to the success of all my fellow MKE family. Have a great and enjoyable week.



One thought on “Week 27- At a stand still

  1. Standing still is needed sometimes to reflect and gather. You’re onto it now knowing your daughter won’t be keeping space in your house. Time to fill that space with the new and expanded you . What a great journey awaits you!


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