Week 28-Laughing at the world

One of the biggest things this month is our reading from Og.  I will laugh at the world.  I have certainly been doing my best to do this.  Sitting back and observing humanity can be a number of wonderful laughs.  Instead of getting mad with the old subby I find humor in the situation.

Not much to report on this week.  Still a bit of lagging on my readings.  I am seriously looking at my DMP.  I do not feel strong about some of it anymore.  I know Mark said sometime we write what we think we should be going.  So this week in my sits I am going deeper and finding a new drive. I will let you know the progress next week. Until then have a wonderful week full of laughter.




3 thoughts on “Week 28-Laughing at the world

  1. Carole,
    I am grateful to see you are in the mix and thinking well. I am too just the new site is right in the middle of getting fixed for 3 weeks now. I’ll start posting soon. Don’t find the Drive, it’s already there. bring your focus back within. I do some of the same things so don’t even for a minute think you are alone in this.

    Hugs for all



  2. Keep it up! As John Wooden said perfect practice prevents poor performance. Just think what 2 years from now will be like with your positive mental attitude. Have a great week.


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