weeks 30-31 Busy busy busy

I have been so busy since last I have written.  The webinar was awesome and was great to be back. It made me realize that I have stumbled since we had our last class.  I thought I would not do that but it happened.  Mark and the team are as aware of all that happens after the class ends.  So glad I continued.

I have been better with my reading.  I am in the process of changing my DMP.  It is a process but a necessary one.

Loving the MK 25 and As a Man Thinketh.  There is so many connections.  I am really enjoying this.

25-3 All things are the result of the thought process. Man has accomplished the seemingly impossible because he has refused to consider it impossible. By concentration, men have made the connection between the finite and the infinite, the limited and the unlimited, the visible and the invisible, the personal and the impersonal.

I also love on pg#3 in As A Man Thinketh,” The soul attracts that which it secretly harbors; that which it loves, and also that which it fears; it reaches the height of its cherished aspirations; it fall to the level of its unchastened desires, and circumstances are the means by which the soul receives it own.”

Our thoughts good or bad will have the ability to become us.  I have lived a life of fearing things and in doing so bringing it to me. BAM!!!!! This is what this class has been changing in my life.  52 yrs of cement is cracking off. I am excited more, not fearful all the time.  I have fallen backwards in worry and just like I am asking things come back.

Some times I do think about my age.  I constantly tell my children and others to go after there dreams, yet telling myself to be content. No more am I content with life. So this is one of the reasons I am in the re-writing process of my DMP.

In 25-42 “And life means to live.  Age is a prejudice, which has become firmly anchored in your mind that any causal number of years mentioned evokes a precise image on your brain.”25-52 “The fact that a year represents on complete revolution of the earth round the sun has nothing in common with the evolution of the human being.” And 25-53 “To be so many years only means simply that the circling seasons have been observed so many times, and nothing more. It implies no consideration of the intellectual and physical state.  The person who has seen the untiring astronomical phenomenon forty times may be much younger in the real meaning of the word then one who has seen it but thirty times.”

I always felt younger than my age. Always seeking as the younger do.  I know our body ages but I want to enjoy every minute loving this life I have been given.  Giving to others makes me hopeful and happy.  I feel part of why I enjoy the young is because so many have given up on them. I hear it from my kids. They say why are we not allowed to make mistakes and to learn.  Have we really come into a society that wants only perfection. Is it not true that we learn by mistakes, at any age.

Until next time, keep growing, keep learning and loving us right here and now.

Hugs to all.




3 thoughts on “weeks 30-31 Busy busy busy

  1. That is my favourite line in As A Man Thinketh too! Good on you for rewriting your DMP. I’m still working on connecting to mine and actually believing it! It’s all what I want but ‘Who am I to have all that’??? … So that’s what I’m choosing to allow now.. But as the law of least effort says.. Accept where you are… I’m having trouble with that… So once acceptance sinks in then I believe the rest will just look after itself:-) yay!! Look forward to reading your new DMP!

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  2. Carole,
    Nice work and as for me, I see you being aware of exactly what is going on in your life. That my friend is definitely progress. Getting rid of the Fear and Worry forever is a task, that is doable and easy to learn.
    Since before the commencement day of the class I’ve been searching and learning at an extreme and accelerated pace. One of the main focuses is on being in the present moment or “NOW”. In that there is no FEAR or WORRY. Ultimately this is all there is: NOW Then I got it absolutely straight that I am not competing with anybody on earth. I am a creator that is fully Aware. I know what EGO is and how I’ve allowed it to dis-empower me previously. This took like forever to get to the TRUTH about ego and be in the timeless principles of understanding it.
    Here is something that gave me such pleasure this weekend. My Wonderful Raphaela and I were struck from the rear corner while stopped in traffic, by another car. I looked to my wife and observed her, then asked. Are you OK? She said yes. Now the GOLD — I sat in the Gap for a moment and observed my emotions and feelings. Made a decision and then went out. I observed the driver named: Fernando and asked if he was OK and he said Yes. I shook his hand and said. This will be fine. just give it a minute. We exchanged information and a police man walked up to us. He said “have you both exchanged info?” and we both said YES. He told Fernando he hit me from behind and would be a fault. I said “its OK officer and we have decided to be friends anyway – shook Fernando’s hand again. The poor Officer was speechless.
    A year ago I would have flown out of the car cussing and threatening like an angry bird. What I proved in the middle of an actual event was my ability to LIVE the belief I hold and demonstrate the GAP between the stimuli and the response.
    As we go into the mastermind group. We will learn how to empower ourselves more and use the skills we’ve learned in the MKE more like Mark and Davene does.


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