It’s been a long time.

I have been MIA for quite some time.  I have been very busy with family affairs, mainly my daughter.  June has flown by so quickly with all the lasts of her high school functions.  What an emotional roller coaster.  Things will be calming down for a few weeks after July 3rd (graduation party).

As far as me, will lets just say I put me on the back burner.  I am missing readings and sits and not making time for it is my only excuse.  I am trying to get back on track but it has been hard.  I even missed the last webinar due to bad headache and would not have been able to enjoy it.  Still working on my new DMP and my get some of my master mind group to give some input if they are willing.

I have made some changes in my life however little.  I am going to a new chiropractor that treats that whole body and mind (it wonderful). Also I have start some  talk therapy to get me back on track emotionally.  All are great steps to improving me in many areas and the foundation of this class should make me whole soon.

Love the readings and Og of course.  I know that all is possible.

Hope everyone is doing well. Cannot wait to hear more breakthrough.

Until next time.




4 thoughts on “It’s been a long time.

  1. I know that it can be hard.. and strange that we fall off even though we know that it is helping us.. and we feel different without it.. but it is not so easy when you can decide for yourself..
    I am sure that your mastermind partners will help you, else let me know I will gladly join in and guide you with your new DMP. Studying to become next sessions guide it could help us both.

    Hope you will be okay health wise too..
    And to let you know you are not alone from falling of.. but the nice thing about that is that you instantly feel that you miss it and that it does make a difference.. and since you have been doing it, you know what to do and your subby picks it up fast!

    Good luck..

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  2. hey lovely to see you back here… I’ve been missing reading everyones blogs… great that you are putting yourself first and finding new ways that work…. I look forward to reading your new DMP… slowly but surely the turtle wins the race… Keep changing and refining. Good on you!

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  3. As you know you persist you win. This to will pass and your mind is forever stretched. Today and forever you are a success. Enjoy your time with your family they are your dreams. Have a great party.:-)

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