Week 24- Earning our Wings

WOW!!!! Graduation weekend is almost here. Looking back 26 weeks ago, I would have never believed I would have made it to the end. I am HERE!!!! It feels amazing and I am looking forward to seeing my DMP awaken.

So I missed the webinar for the first time this whole class.  It was for a good reason though, my daughter was performing in her last Cabaret for school.  We are doing a lot of lasts this spring. Senior year is such an exciting year. I watched the replay and boy was it a good one. Very emotion for sure.

So over the last 26 weeks I have learnt so much.  Big one for me is letting go.  I am a Blue and type A person, so this is a tough thing for me. I am doing it.  Now I am not completely there. I am a work in progress.  I really like bananas and sometime I just have to hold one, that darn old Blue print. It is happening far less and that is exciting. Observing is getting much better and giving no opinions is getting easier. I have 52 years of cement to shake.  I also am being more patient with myself and loving myself for the first time.

MK 24 is wonderful. I have loved listening to the audios.  It helps me understand them so much more. I love 24-2 about vibrations. It reminded me of a time early in my practice in the SGI. I was at a toso ( this is a meeting were we get together and chant). I was sitting in the back of the room and I notice the air actually moving in waves as we chanted.  It was the coolest thing I ever experienced in my life. I have experienced this several times.  It is amazing thing to watch.

The other thing that came to mind was 24-8 “As  all conditions are thought creations and therefore entirely mental, disease and lack are simply mental conditions in which the person fails to perceive the truth; as soon as the error is removed, the condition is removed.” Before doing this class I would have never believe this statement. I started thinking about the oldest people in the world.  They are going well beyond 100+, how and why? When they are asked, positive attitude, diet, exercise and faith as the top answers.  They also say they are not old. Proof that age is just a number. They are thinking younger, that’s it. BAM!!!

As we come to the close of this class, many doors are waiting to open for all of us.  We know what to do and the tools to do it.  They are in all of us.

I am so grateful for this class, for Mark, Davene, Trish and all the staff.I am blessed getting to know so many people, who I consider now  friends. I plan to stay connected.

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Thank you to all who have listened to my rants, and have held me up with your inspiring words.  No words can ever thank you for that.  I plan to continue blogging.  I have really enjoyed this part of the class.

Something to make you smile.

Until next time Hugs to all of you.  Hugs and Love to Belgium!!!





Week 23- Reflections

First Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone. This week is flying by. I do not have much to say this week (a first).

Let’s see, the hours of silence has been nice and it is definitely helping with my sits. I really feel like I have six people talking a once in this head of mine some days. All that multitasking I do I guess.   Loving the new cards, I read them out loud several times a day.  This week has been a little tough,especially the last couple of days. Old blueprint trying to sneak back, so the cards are definitely helping me quickly change.

I have been listening to Wattles and Emerson on YouTube.  Big help in understanding them.  I think I’m actually  getting it this time.

MK 23 has been great.  I can really relate to this one. Dealing with financial issues, it has  helped me change my thinking. Fear over the last couple of years has crippled my thinking and in doing so has created more debt than I would like to admit to.  I now go into my sits open to the universal mind to direct me in the right direction. Trying to think of abundance and being grateful for what I have.

So grateful everyday for this class and for the connection I have made with such wonderful people. I have been truly blessed.

Until next  week.





Week-22a Needed break. 

Break week have been a busy one. It was a welcome blessing.  Long weekend of musical for my daughter.  Was so much fun watching her perform the last one of her high school career. The kids are so talented. Have spent the rest of the week caring for sick kids. Perfect week to re read 22. Really enjoyed re reading it a couple times. Reminds me of some other things I have read lately. The creation of dis-ease in our bodies is a direct link to our thoughts.  I remember hearing the phase,” we are what we eat” we can take it the next step and say, “we are what we think.” Hmm….

Loving Og this month. One line I love ” All nature is a circle of moods and I am apart of nature and so, like tides, my moods will rise; my moods will fall.”  I never thought of the connection in this way.  I have always felt a special connection with the environment, now I know why.

My sits are getting easier FINALLY. Maybe it’s the hours of silence I have been doing. Looking forward to scheduling my silence.

Looking forward to the webinar this Sunday. I’m going to miss them, but like a mother bird makes her young leave the nest, so should we.

Until next time.



Week 22- Silence is golden

So we enter into week 22 and also a break week.  Still can’t believe this has gone by so quickly.   I loved the webinar this week, telling us that all those feelings are comfort.  This class has really stretched my mind and the way I have been thinking.  It’s loads of work but so worth. As we went over the grist idea again and I realized maybe my sons are the grist stones. Smoothing out my thoughts, softening and more importantly letting go of control.

The rest of the webinar was silence and how we need to find our self.  We that was another brick wall to breakthrough.  Hitting a lot of those in this class, but instead of totally stressing over it, I start laughing. At first, I thought it would be a couple of hours but when they said several days.  I thought okay those guys lost their marbles. It took the rest of the webinar and masterminding to see where they were coming from. I am sure I was not alone in my thinking, ” How the @#$@@ am I going to do that.” 15 minute sits are still an issue for me. So today was my day off and I didn’t have the whole day to try this out but I did stay off electronics for several hours, no TV, no music.  I did do some cleaning but kept quiet. I know that is totally right, but it’s a start.

Glad for the change in Og. Scroll V was a struggle especially due to the incidents that occurred in February. I am very grateful for life more everyday. Trying to find the happiness in each minute. So Scroll VI is we are the masters of our emotions.  So I can now see where this extended silence is going to come into play.  MK 22 is more understandable to me then the last two. I will enjoy the deeper meaning as the week progresses.

Here’s to a great week.  Looking forward to reading others blogs and there progress of silence is golden.

Hugs to all,



WEEK 21-Constantly learning

This week brings me here with a lot of gratitude.  I was blessed to find a couple of webinars online with wonderful information on health and also on addiction.   As I have said part of my DMP is giving back and addiction is near and dear to me.  So I began watching videos talking about array of things, from diet to pep tides. it was an eye opener and because of MKMMA I was able to get more out of it, learning how the mind works in our class and relating .  Some interviews blew my mind.

I also learnt that diet can play a huge part in how your brain works. All where talking about how habits and poor thoughts in combination with bad eating effects our mental health. They gave me great tips on changing my diet, thus adding in my health physically and mentally.

As I read 21 this week a couple keep sticking out 21:13 ” This mental attitude is our personality and is composed of the thoughts which we have been creating in our own mind; therefore, if we wish a change in conditions all  that is necessary is to change our thought; this in turn change our mental attitude, which will in turn change our personality, which will change the persons, things and conditions, or the experiences with which we meet in life.”

21:17 “Do not hesitate to aspire to the highest possible attainments in anything you may undertake, for the mind forces are ever ready to lend themselves to a purposeful will in the effort to crystallize its highest aspirations into acts, accomplishments, and events.”

We can truly  change our lives and become the best possible selves. I am so excited to see how the next weeks unfold.



she could

Have a wonderful week everyone.



WEEK 20-Growth in action

So hear we are at week 20.  Loved the webinar this week.  I always miss them but I guess I better get  use to that in a few weeks.  The new dash card as I call it, is powerful.  I have always had a problem with death as most do I would assume.  I know that it is part of life but I usually don’t think as much about as we are in the present with Scroll V, the assignments and now the card. Sitting back and thinking why do I feel so strange when when I see that word.  Association of death is in most a bad thing, something we are losing.  It can be a good thing too, like extra pounds, bad habit.  So again we are re training the subby to think differently.

This past week I have had a hard time keeping up to my promises. I recently emailed a friend for advise on an idea and did not get the response I had hoped for.  I thought they were a little more open but I was wrong which hurt.  So looking for others and avenues to find what I was seeking I came across a conference that is totally free and videos that were done so that you can do them on your time.  The catch is 5  are only available for 24 hrs.  So some of my focus has been the last couple of days on this.  FINALLY!!!! Someone who gets what I was feeling and thinking.  OF course it is part of my DMP, so this is exciting to me and fell into my lap suddenly.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised ( Law Of Growth).This week I am growing in ways I want.  Sits are still hard but working on it. When I master them, the growth will be crazy.

MK chapter 20 is slowly sinking in.  I missed a day, so I will hopefully get it by weeks end. The power is within to do it.

So today finds me grateful for the new information, the answer that upset me made me search more and opened my mind to be willing to receive. My old me would have just stayed mad and given up and defeated.  My new me is shining through.


Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.



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Week 19-Numb

Well we had a break this week.  I had been doing well keeping up on everything. I really love doing all the assignments.  I look forward to reading most days.  Very grateful for this weekend being off from the webinar.  I have had a very difficult several days. Thursday night was a nightmare ending in the ER once again with my son.  Nobody should ever have to deal with this in their lives.  I have tried to put the lessons we have done in my brain, especially the obstacles continue to show until you have learnt from them.  I’m tired of this obstacle.

So the last few days Scroll V is the hardest thing to read.  Obituaries I can’t read right now. Almost having to actually write one, I can’t deal with reading any.

Looking on to MK 19, I read it today. First paragraph: Fear is a powerful form of thought.  It paralyzes the nerve centers, thus affecting the circulation of the blood.  This, in turn, paralyzes the muscular system, so that fear affects the entire being, body, brain and nerve, physical, mental and muscular.  ME!!ME!!! ME!!! right now.

My brain is fogged. Memory shot, I hurt and tired.  WOW!!!! It is so debilitating.  I’m desperately trying to regroup but it is slow.  I am so grateful for the doctors, nurses, police that aided us. I truly believe someone is looking out for my son. One line in Og stood out today when I read,” Why have I been allowed to live this extra day when others far better than I have departed?” My son’s mission here is not done and for that I am truly thankful.

My virtue this week in imagination.  So I looked it up. One definition was:  the ability to deal resourcefully with unexpected or unusual problems, circumstances, etc.  Guess the universal know where I need to be before I did.

Have a wonderful week. Hug your children if you have them.

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