Press Release

During a trip to LA my daughter, husband, and I went to see The Ellen Show.  I have always admired how she gives so much of herself and always helps others. While waiting in line, one of the producers was talking to people randomly while we were waiting.  She came up to us and asked if we were excited to see the show.

Without hesitation we said absolutely.  I have waited years to come to see a taping of the show.  She asked why do you love the show, and I went on to explain how Ellen is always giving and she makes me smile when there were days I couldn’t. I told her we having been trying to be more giving in our own life.  She wanted to know more and asked if it would be possible for us to wait in the lobby after the show.

The taping was amazing. Ellen never disappoints me. So we went to the lobby and waited for quite some time.  Everyone had left but us.  Finally a door opened and I was expecting to see the producer but it was Ellen herself. I stood there in shock the blood went to my feet.  She gave me a big smile and came over and hugged all of us.

She had talked to her producer and wanted to personally speak to us. So we went into a beautiful room with a large white sofa and chairs.  Ellen began asking us questions. She asked ” So what did you think of the taping today?”  “I loved it, I told her.  This has been a dream come true to see your show live.” I love how you give everything while you are there but even off your show, still are so caring. This is something I always hoped to be able to do.

Ellen said,” So have you been able to?”. I said quickly, Yes.  The last several years I have been able give the way I had always wanted to do. I give to everyone even if it is just a kind word or a smile. Six years ago it wasn’t this way My life was upside down.  Bills were more than my paycheck. I was scared, sad and unhappy person inside.  I keep the happy face on for my family and friends but I was drowning inside. A friend of mine introduced me to a pay it forward class called MKMMA. That sent me on an incredible journey that has gotten me to this point in my life.

Ellen said, “How did this class change you? ” I replied, “It taught me  love more, give more, and more importantly to live again like I was intended to.   It has helped me open doors to make myself financial sound, able to live where I want, visit places I want.  It’s given me time freedom to enjoy my passions to help others, hang out with my dogs and my family.”

(Ellen) “You said your are now financially sound, how did this happen? What did you do to change that situation? ”  Well, before this change, I thought I would just always be an employee for someone.  Not that is always a bad thing, but not what I wanted.  I had done a few network marketing business and never seem to do much.  My heart wanted to but my mind and fears always seem to stop me.  As soon as I got scared I stopped.  I knew I had it inside of me and that I could be a great asset to so many people, who like me were looking to better there lives.  I had been involve with Life Vantage the company I’m with now  but was always afraid to push forward.  That’s when the class help me breakdown these barriers.  I am proud to say I’m a pro 10 in our company.  I love it so much.  We are a big family everyone helping each other. It’s wonderful.

Ellen says, “So you are doing well in this company, what have you been able to do now that money is not a problem?”  I said, beside continuing to work part time with Life Vantage, l love spending my time helping groups of people that recovering from addiction.  It is very dear to my heart. My sons had been addicts and are doing wonderfully now but some do not have the support that they need to recover and become successful.  Nobody grow up saying, ” I want to grow up and be an addict.” Unfortunately it happens to even the best of people. They usually have a very low self esteem and I want to show them the world has not given up on them.  It’s very rewarding to see how far they come.   I also work with my therapy dogs.  They are some much fun.  A dog is always an ice breaker.  They calm you down and help you open up sometimes.  I take them to see children and elderly as well.  It’s very rewarding.

(Ellen) Well it seems that life is going great for you.  I am  so happy things have worked out.  You have inspired me.

I gave her a hug and thanked her for spending time with us.  It meant a lot.  She told us to come back and visit anytime we were in the area.

Wow!!! This life is amazing and never stops surprising me.

One thought on “Press Release

  1. You have inspired me too! a wonderful press release ! We are on a great journey in the right direction and when we have what our old self would call a setback or difficulty, lets be reminded they are really opportunities in disguise! Seeing your post about being stuck, in your DMP prompted me to respond then read your press release because, I still need to write mine! And today I am! Thank you for helping me! Let’s keep going Shall we?

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