It’s been a long time.

I have been MIA for quite some time.  I have been very busy with family affairs, mainly my daughter.  June has flown by so quickly with all the lasts of her high school functions.  What an emotional roller coaster.  Things will be calming down for a few weeks after July 3rd (graduation party).

As far as me, will lets just say I put me on the back burner.  I am missing readings and sits and not making time for it is my only excuse.  I am trying to get back on track but it has been hard.  I even missed the last webinar due to bad headache and would not have been able to enjoy it.  Still working on my new DMP and my get some of my master mind group to give some input if they are willing.

I have made some changes in my life however little.  I am going to a new chiropractor that treats that whole body and mind (it wonderful). Also I have start some  talk therapy to get me back on track emotionally.  All are great steps to improving me in many areas and the foundation of this class should make me whole soon.

Love the readings and Og of course.  I know that all is possible.

Hope everyone is doing well. Cannot wait to hear more breakthrough.

Until next time.




weeks 30-31 Busy busy busy

I have been so busy since last I have written.  The webinar was awesome and was great to be back. It made me realize that I have stumbled since we had our last class.  I thought I would not do that but it happened.  Mark and the team are as aware of all that happens after the class ends.  So glad I continued.

I have been better with my reading.  I am in the process of changing my DMP.  It is a process but a necessary one.

Loving the MK 25 and As a Man Thinketh.  There is so many connections.  I am really enjoying this.

25-3 All things are the result of the thought process. Man has accomplished the seemingly impossible because he has refused to consider it impossible. By concentration, men have made the connection between the finite and the infinite, the limited and the unlimited, the visible and the invisible, the personal and the impersonal.

I also love on pg#3 in As A Man Thinketh,” The soul attracts that which it secretly harbors; that which it loves, and also that which it fears; it reaches the height of its cherished aspirations; it fall to the level of its unchastened desires, and circumstances are the means by which the soul receives it own.”

Our thoughts good or bad will have the ability to become us.  I have lived a life of fearing things and in doing so bringing it to me. BAM!!!!! This is what this class has been changing in my life.  52 yrs of cement is cracking off. I am excited more, not fearful all the time.  I have fallen backwards in worry and just like I am asking things come back.

Some times I do think about my age.  I constantly tell my children and others to go after there dreams, yet telling myself to be content. No more am I content with life. So this is one of the reasons I am in the re-writing process of my DMP.

In 25-42 “And life means to live.  Age is a prejudice, which has become firmly anchored in your mind that any causal number of years mentioned evokes a precise image on your brain.”25-52 “The fact that a year represents on complete revolution of the earth round the sun has nothing in common with the evolution of the human being.” And 25-53 “To be so many years only means simply that the circling seasons have been observed so many times, and nothing more. It implies no consideration of the intellectual and physical state.  The person who has seen the untiring astronomical phenomenon forty times may be much younger in the real meaning of the word then one who has seen it but thirty times.”

I always felt younger than my age. Always seeking as the younger do.  I know our body ages but I want to enjoy every minute loving this life I have been given.  Giving to others makes me hopeful and happy.  I feel part of why I enjoy the young is because so many have given up on them. I hear it from my kids. They say why are we not allowed to make mistakes and to learn.  Have we really come into a society that wants only perfection. Is it not true that we learn by mistakes, at any age.

Until next time, keep growing, keep learning and loving us right here and now.

Hugs to all.




Wk-29 Time is flying

Can’t believe it is May. Time is certainly moving at warp speed for me. Still struggling with getting back on track completely but I am getting there. I have realized that my DMP is not correct. I think I have known it for awhile now. I believe that is part of my issue not staying on track.

Super excited with the chapter 25  and the fact we are having a webinar again. I really miss them. I think it will help me jump start again. 

Not much else to report. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. See you on the webinar. 



Week 28-Laughing at the world

One of the biggest things this month is our reading from Og.  I will laugh at the world.  I have certainly been doing my best to do this.  Sitting back and observing humanity can be a number of wonderful laughs.  Instead of getting mad with the old subby I find humor in the situation.

Not much to report on this week.  Still a bit of lagging on my readings.  I am seriously looking at my DMP.  I do not feel strong about some of it anymore.  I know Mark said sometime we write what we think we should be going.  So this week in my sits I am going deeper and finding a new drive. I will let you know the progress next week. Until then have a wonderful week full of laughter.




Week 27- At a stand still

This past week I must admit I have been at a stand still.  This is the first time where I had stopped reading for a whole day.  I don’t even know why.  My daughter was away on her senior trip.  WoW!!!! does my house feel so empty without her.  August she will leave for college and this is something I will have to get use to.  I want her to go and grow and experience life.  To make her way into the wonderful women I know she will be.

I have been sitting back observing and reflecting where I am and where I need to go in my life.  I kinda feel I am on a roller coaster at this point.  I was hoping I wouldn’t be here again so soon.  This is life right, trying to follow Laws of least effort.  I love reading them.  They really help center me during the day.

This week I intend to get back on track with reading and my sits. Focus on what I need to do for my DMP to come to life. I am so excited to read in other blogs how many friends are going for the guides.  I know all of you will make wonderful guides, showing 1,000’s how to improve their lives. I hope to do more next year myself.

Until next time.  Here’s to the success of all my fellow MKE family. Have a great and enjoyable week.



W 26- Winter always turns to Sping

Very busy week for me.  Very grateful for all the tools we have from MKE.  I am really enjoying going back and starting from the beginning for MK.  I am amazed how much more I understand and the realization of how far I have come.

My home seems to be settling into my new me.  My sons had a great week (no arguing), my daughter is super excited to go on her class trip to Disney World.

This coming week will be a test for me, as my daughter is going away to college in August.  The house will be different while she is in Disney. Senior year is so crazy busy.  I am missing the webbies but am grateful for the time I have to get things done for her.

Loving the Scroll this month. I didn’t realize we are the only creature that can laugh. Sad for all the rest. Although I did see a monkey laugh,but they may be the exception. What a beautiful thing we can give ourselves if we can laugh each day.

Saturday we had snow.  REALLY!!!! I guess mother nature was getting a good laugh.  It reminded me of one of my favorite quotes from my mentor Daisaku Ikeda,

“No matter how long the cold, bleak days of winter may continue, winter always turns to spring. This is the law of the universe and the law of life. As long as we hold on to hope, spring is sure to come.”

“Effort and hard work construct the bridge that connects your dreams to reality. Those who make steady efforts are full of hope. And hope, in turn, arises from steady efforts. Embrace your dreams and advance as far as they can take you.”

Wishing you this week a week of Spring.




Week25-Continuing upward

Wow.  The opportunity to continue was a surprise not to mention a lifetime member. What a blessing. I am looking forward to learning more. I had forgotten how much I enjoy learning. This class as been such a blessing in my life and am so grateful to be apart of something so wonderful. I think everyone should have this opportunity. 

Still keeping up with my readings.  I love doing them and miss them if I skip any. 

Hope everyone is having a great week.  


Week 24- Earning our Wings

WOW!!!! Graduation weekend is almost here. Looking back 26 weeks ago, I would have never believed I would have made it to the end. I am HERE!!!! It feels amazing and I am looking forward to seeing my DMP awaken.

So I missed the webinar for the first time this whole class.  It was for a good reason though, my daughter was performing in her last Cabaret for school.  We are doing a lot of lasts this spring. Senior year is such an exciting year. I watched the replay and boy was it a good one. Very emotion for sure.

So over the last 26 weeks I have learnt so much.  Big one for me is letting go.  I am a Blue and type A person, so this is a tough thing for me. I am doing it.  Now I am not completely there. I am a work in progress.  I really like bananas and sometime I just have to hold one, that darn old Blue print. It is happening far less and that is exciting. Observing is getting much better and giving no opinions is getting easier. I have 52 years of cement to shake.  I also am being more patient with myself and loving myself for the first time.

MK 24 is wonderful. I have loved listening to the audios.  It helps me understand them so much more. I love 24-2 about vibrations. It reminded me of a time early in my practice in the SGI. I was at a toso ( this is a meeting were we get together and chant). I was sitting in the back of the room and I notice the air actually moving in waves as we chanted.  It was the coolest thing I ever experienced in my life. I have experienced this several times.  It is amazing thing to watch.

The other thing that came to mind was 24-8 “As  all conditions are thought creations and therefore entirely mental, disease and lack are simply mental conditions in which the person fails to perceive the truth; as soon as the error is removed, the condition is removed.” Before doing this class I would have never believe this statement. I started thinking about the oldest people in the world.  They are going well beyond 100+, how and why? When they are asked, positive attitude, diet, exercise and faith as the top answers.  They also say they are not old. Proof that age is just a number. They are thinking younger, that’s it. BAM!!!

As we come to the close of this class, many doors are waiting to open for all of us.  We know what to do and the tools to do it.  They are in all of us.

I am so grateful for this class, for Mark, Davene, Trish and all the staff.I am blessed getting to know so many people, who I consider now  friends. I plan to stay connected.

Image result for happiness quotes

Thank you to all who have listened to my rants, and have held me up with your inspiring words.  No words can ever thank you for that.  I plan to continue blogging.  I have really enjoyed this part of the class.

Something to make you smile.

Until next time Hugs to all of you.  Hugs and Love to Belgium!!!




Week 23- Reflections

First Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone. This week is flying by. I do not have much to say this week (a first).

Let’s see, the hours of silence has been nice and it is definitely helping with my sits. I really feel like I have six people talking a once in this head of mine some days. All that multitasking I do I guess.   Loving the new cards, I read them out loud several times a day.  This week has been a little tough,especially the last couple of days. Old blueprint trying to sneak back, so the cards are definitely helping me quickly change.

I have been listening to Wattles and Emerson on YouTube.  Big help in understanding them.  I think I’m actually  getting it this time.

MK 23 has been great.  I can really relate to this one. Dealing with financial issues, it has  helped me change my thinking. Fear over the last couple of years has crippled my thinking and in doing so has created more debt than I would like to admit to.  I now go into my sits open to the universal mind to direct me in the right direction. Trying to think of abundance and being grateful for what I have.

So grateful everyday for this class and for the connection I have made with such wonderful people. I have been truly blessed.

Until next  week.





Week-22a Needed break. 

Break week have been a busy one. It was a welcome blessing.  Long weekend of musical for my daughter.  Was so much fun watching her perform the last one of her high school career. The kids are so talented. Have spent the rest of the week caring for sick kids. Perfect week to re read 22. Really enjoyed re reading it a couple times. Reminds me of some other things I have read lately. The creation of dis-ease in our bodies is a direct link to our thoughts.  I remember hearing the phase,” we are what we eat” we can take it the next step and say, “we are what we think.” Hmm….

Loving Og this month. One line I love ” All nature is a circle of moods and I am apart of nature and so, like tides, my moods will rise; my moods will fall.”  I never thought of the connection in this way.  I have always felt a special connection with the environment, now I know why.

My sits are getting easier FINALLY. Maybe it’s the hours of silence I have been doing. Looking forward to scheduling my silence.

Looking forward to the webinar this Sunday. I’m going to miss them, but like a mother bird makes her young leave the nest, so should we.

Until next time.